Focused on innovation and consistent development, we offer access to the latest technology and top-class components. Our IT solutions will allow any organization to achieve maximum efficiency and create additional opportunities for business scalability.

Smart creates new opportunities

The digital revolution sets a challenging pace. Even for those specialists who have always worked with the most sophisticated and powerful computers.

Lenovo P Series workstations are engineered for high performance and ultra-reliability. They keep working under the most intense and demanding workloads and stay connected to the cloud-based applications and services that are fundamental to the world of business.

And with desktop and laptop P Series models, your teams can blaze through any challenge they encounter.

Get to grips with remote graphics

People working with high-end compute and graphics power often find themselves tied to a desk. Image quality, bandwidth, latency and processing speed have all played a role in limiting the potential of remote work. Now, remote visualisation technology has opened up new possibilities.

‘Solving the problem: scaling for remote power users’

  • Mike Leach, Solution Portfolio Manager, Lenovo
  • Cathy Lascara, Vice President, Mechdyne Corp
  • Jim Malone, Senior Director, Content Strategy IDG

These expert speakers demonstrate how using the latest workstations and software can give you more resources to work. Learn how to maximise remote productivity while managing threats to security.

The following webinar proves you can work remotely, even when your job requires high graphics performance.


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A turning point for industry

Lenovo ThinkStation helps break new ground for business, making use of AI solutions to assist you in your work. Combining data-driven insight with remote visualisation can extend your business reach and lets you quickly arrive at the answers you need.

Power up business intelligence

Look into the different facets of using AI for work and discover how Lenovo workstations can simplify jobs through automation and machine learning.

See the solutions

We’ll tell you everything you need to know and recommend the combination of Lenovo ThinkStation solutions, partnered with Microsoft, that will deliver exactly what you and your team need to get more done, more easily.

Get to know the Lenovo P Series

Bringing reliable high performance to transformed, digital-first environments. The most powerful Lenovo Workstations run with Intel® Xeon® processor.

ThinkPad P1 (Gen 2)

The ThinkPad P1 is a powerful 15.6″ mobile workstation is powered by Windows 10 Pro and the latest Intel® Xeon® processor or Intel® Core™ i7 vPro® processor and NVDIA® Quadro® graphics.